Elon Musk and Twitter CEO Barack Agarwal discuss bots on Twitter

A Series tweets On Monday, Agarwal unveiled Twitter’s approach to spam accounts and its challenges in dealing with them.
Twitter (TWTR) Agarwal suspends “more than half a million spam accounts every day” Wrote. Musk reiterated Twitter’s long-term statistics that less than 5% of its daily active users are spam accounts – a statistic quoted by Musk on Friday. Announces His $ 44 billion deal to buy Twitter has been “suspended.”
Agarwal Said That estimate was taken randomly on the basis of “many human reviews … thousands of accounts”, but it is not possible to know externally which accounts are counted on which day. There is Twitter Previously agreed While its ratings are believed to be “reasonable”, the measurements are not independently verified and the actual number of fake or spam accounts may be high.
Musk responded to Agarwal’s initial 13 tweets, reflecting the unusual and highly online nature of the deal: a Boop emoji.
Musk continued with a slightly thoughtful question. “So how do advertisers know what they’re getting paid for?” Musk He asked “This is the basis for Twitter’s financial health,” he added.
Kasturi repeats Spoken against bots and spam accounts On Twitter, he once described cryptocurrency spam bots as the site’s “single most annoying problem”. Anyone familiar with the responses to Muskin’s tweets knows that they are riddled with such scams, many of which are trying to use Muskin’s name.
But some analysts could use the debate over the world’s richest bots to reduce the price he has to pay to buy Twitter, even if it’s a standard negotiation tactic. Unnecessarily.

Within weeks of Musk’s disclosure of his shares in the company, Twitter’s share price wiped out all its profits and is currently trading at $ 37.39 a share – Musk’s offer price is $ 54.20 less per share.

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“The bot issue at the end of the day … makes us feel more like ‘dog ate homework’ to get bail on the Twitter deal or to talk at a lower price,” said Dan Eves and John Katchingris, analysts at Wetbush Securities, in a note Monday.

On Monday Musk appeared to add fuel to those speculations, saying the deal to buy Twitter at a lower price was “out of the question”, while throwing out his own rating of at least 20% on all Twitter accounts. Fake, According to To Bloomberg. Musk did not say how he got to this number and did not respond to a request for comment from CNN Business.

In his Twitter book, Agarwal said that most spam campaigns on Twitter use a combination of humans and automation instead of being guided by bots. It would be complicated to discriminate between formal and fake accounts, he said.

“The tough challenge is that there are so many accounts that seem superficially fake – really real people,” he said. Said. “And some spam accounts are actually very dangerous – and very harmful to our users – they may seem completely legitimate on the surface.”
Agarwal Said Twitter was in touch with Musk over the spam issue.

“We shared an overview of the evaluation process with Elon a week ago and look forward to continuing the conversation with him and all of you,” he added.

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