Florida storm: Tropical system moves off the coast of Florida toward the Bahamas, leaving floodwaters


Heavy rain, strong winds and floods hit South Florida Saturday, It has dropped to 11 inches in some places since Friday and cars have stalled on the streets of Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

City of Miami Warned Many roads were impassable on Saturday afternoon. At least A beach Temporarily closed.

Miami-Date Fire Rescue Officials warned Over the weekend the risk of flooding is “high” across the district, especially in low-lying and poorly drained areas, urging residents not to try to walk or drive in flooded water. The head of the fire department, Joseph Zahralban, told CNN that about 100 vehicles were stranded overnight in flooding across Miami. WSVN.

A swimming ban has been issued in some areas after authorities announced that sewers were overflowing. Sewage overflow at a local plant is “likely to mix with flood water at the facility and flow into nearby surface water,” the county said. A news release. Residents and visitors are urged to avoid activities such as fishing and boat rides.

Flood surveillance was in effect until 8pm on Saturday in South Florida, including Miami.

National Weather Service (NWS) Said The storm system’s heavy rain bands moved into the ocean in the afternoon, but some isolated showers warned of possible continued local flooding.

Keep track of the storm system here

Earlier, the NWS office in Miami reported 6 to 11 inches of rain in some areas.

Saturday, June 4 in West Palm Beach (4.5 inches of water), Fort Lauderdale (6.55 inches) and Miami (5.24 inches), according to the NWS.

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One of the possible tropical cycles Saturday evening was poorly organized as we sailed to the Atlantic Ocean. Approximately 5 pm ET, National Hurricane Center Had the center The storm was about 40 miles northeast of Fort Pierce.

The storm was blowing at a speed of about 45 mph and was moving towards the northeast at a speed of about 18 mph. Center.

A pre-Florida tropical storm warning was issued Saturday evening, but there was a warning for the northwestern Bahamas and tropical storm monitoring is in place in Bermuda, the center said.

People fill bundles of sand as they prepare their homes for the expected arrival of a tropical storm on Friday in Fla, Pembroke Pines.

The hurricane’s new route will intensify into a tropical cyclone Alex within the next 12 hours and then pass north of Bermuda on Monday.

Tropical storm conditions are possible if there is a tropical storm warning.

FlightAware data show that airlines canceled 841 flights on Friday amid several storm systems.

U.S. airlines have warned that disruptions at Florida airports could last until the weekend.

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