Iga Sviatech wins French Open, Koko Kauf excels in women’s final

Paris – World No. 1 after playing Roland Corros for two weeks Iga Switech And 18-year-old American Cocoa coffee Met for the title.

SwiTech, the 2020 French Open champion, is his consecutive winning number. Received 35, matched the best run of this century. Venus Williams. Most importantly, it earned him a second Grand Slam title and undeniably secured the No. 1 spot in the world. World number. Kauf, ranked 18th, advanced to his first Grand Slam final after a dream run that never gave up a set. .

Contest Updates:

Made history

SwiTech celebrates its dominant victory with his family and team in his box, and as soon as the match was over he ran to them. Through her success, she is now the youngest woman to win multiple majors since Maria Sharapova in 2006 and the first woman to win a major after Justin Henin in 2004 after she reached No. 1. – D’RC Maine

Coco should be proud

These are incredible fifteen days for Kauf. Sure she would be disappointed now, but it was a big step for her.

“This is the first time for me, so I’m trying to overcome this,” Kauf later said. “First of all I would like to congratulate Iga – what you did is amazing, you deserve it. I hope we will play each other in many more finals, maybe one day I will win over you. I just want to thank my team, sorry, I could not get this in full today , But thanks for all the support guys. I hope this is the first of many. “

If he continues to advance, he will return to the Grand Slam finals. – Simon Campers

Swift secures French Open title

He was greeted by thunderous applause as he served the Swiatech competition. This is a completely ruthless performance from No. 1 in the world, as he dropped the coffee in 1 hour 8 minutes. It will always lose its title, and it will never doubt. Swedek goes to the stand to greet his team, and joins football star Robert Lewandowski at the celebrations. Kauf takes it all in stride as she sheds tears. It’s a few matches from her – she came to the final of her first Grand Slam. – Tom Hamilton

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The weather is changing …

At Roland Corros the sky was overcast with a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. When Kauf starts the second set by beating Swedek, the floodlights are now on in Court Philippe Chatterjee. – Hamilton

The first set was captured by Iga

This marks the first abandoned set of the Kauf tournament, with the Swedech taking the opener 6-1 in just 32 minutes. To make matters worse for Gauff, Swiadech set a record-breaking 35-4 record of 18-4 at the French Open after winning the opening set. – Maine

Swiatek is very aggressive

It’s a brutal package for cocoa coffee. Swiatek has done its second full service. Kauf needed a fast start in the second set to give him confidence. – Campers

Polish royal family on the stand Polish royal family

Footballer Robert Lewandowski watches Swede at the stadium. Both are major sports stars in Poland. Lewandowski has retired from national duty to extend his support for Switzerland in a 2-1 draw against Wales on Wednesday. – Hamilton

Requires a strong start

How important is it to win the opening set in a big final? The good news for Sweden, who initially led 3-0, is that it is almost a necessity on the women’s side. – Campers

According to ESPN statistics and information research, the opening-set winner has won 58 of the last 65 women’s major finals and 18 of the last 20 at the French Open. Simona Halep is the last champion to recover from losing the opening set in Paris; He is poised to make a comeback beyond Sloane Stephens to win the trophy in 2018. – Maine

About Coco’s second service

She has a real chance if Coff plays cleanly on the serve, minimizing the number of double mistakes. The problem is, SwiTech is going to get its second service in full. So if Kauf wants to succeed, a higher first service percentage is mandatory.

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Not surprisingly, Kauf is nervous. She made some mistakes in the beginning of Swedek and helped her to fix it. However, she is not sure if she will get them. – Campers

Setting the stage

Philip Chatterjee Court is still overflowing. Rafa Nadal We have already visited him before his final match tomorrow and he is sitting in the front seats with Billy Jean King in front of the tennis royalty president’s box. – Hamilton


Preview of the match

Why Iga Swedek will win

Quite simply, Swedek is now the best female player on this planet. From origin Jelena Ostapenko In February, he lost only two sets, one in Stuttgart and one in Paris, winning 34 matches in a row and winning five titles.

Swedek, who won the championship in 2020 at the age of 19, is now the best player. The retirement of the Ash Party, as John McEnroe felt when John Borg left, may have lost a rival and motivated him. Instead, she grabbed the No. 1 gown and hugged it tightly.

“I use No. 1 to put pressure on my opponents,” he said before the match.

Her service is strong, her forehand is deadly, her back is solid, and her confidence is unstoppable. Much work has been done by him and his sports psychologist Daria Abramovich to get her out of court and keep her in balance and put everything forward, but Swedek’s innate ability to find a solution in court when he’s in trouble is equally impressive.

Aggressive on the opponent’s second serve, he won by 66%, he put pressure on Kauf, his Achilles heel was his occasional second break. She will attack, she will attack, and some will attack. It’s hard to see her stop. – Campers

Why Coco Kauf wins

There was something new about Koko Kauf from the start of the match that matched only by his remarkable maturity.

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The 18-year-old went to the quarterfinals two years ago, and he began his visit to Paris this year by celebrating his high school graduation. From the beginning, she was relaxed, determined, and completely in her organ.

The clay may still become her best surface. A brilliant trio on all fronts, he adapted to skating and his court coverage was an effortless performance.

This is his first Grand Slam final, so there will no doubt be tension. But her game is in a good place and she seems to belong to this position. This may be the first match in many Grand Slam finals, of course, not once.

Basically it depends on how much control she can get. If Swedecall works well and can get her predecessor, it can be hard. But if Kauf expands the rallies and focuses on backhand-to-backhand exchanges, she can win.

A Grand Slam title is in jeopardy, but Kauf will take it in stride.

Swiatek “is now in line, apparently,” Gauff said. “I think I have nothing to lose in this. Going to the tournament on paper is her favorite. I’m going to play freely and play my best tennis. I think anything can happen in the Grand Slam final.” – Campers

what will happen?

On paper, Swiatek should win, but it could be closer, maybe three sets. If Kauf serves well, she has a great chance. Otherwise, Swiatek is much stronger now. Sit back and enjoy! – Campers

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