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Now for what Denmark? Denmark is third in the group with one point want Defeat Australia in their final group game or they are out of the tournament. While far from a foregone conclusion, even that may not be enough because if Tunisia do a number in France, it could come down to who goes second on goal difference between them and Denmark or Australia.

Full time: France 2-1 Denmark

peeps! peeps! BEEEEEEEEP! It’s all over at Stadium 974 France have booked their place in the knockout stages. Kylian Mbinabe scored both goals either side of Andreas Christensen’s consolation and they won by three odd goals.

90+7 min: Denmark Lift-off, deep in French territory. The ball was sent into the penalty area, France half-cleared and Mehle sent a confident effort from high range to Sand behind the goal.

90+6 min: The sound of “Alles!” French fans can be heard from the stands trying to run down the clock as their players celebrate every pass of the ball.

90+5 min: France Break upfield, Marcus Durham tries to loft it on the ball.

90+4 min: Denmark France pings the ball on the outside of the penalty area, trying to find an opening. They didn’t have much luck.

90+3 min: France Substitution three into six minutes of extra time. Wesley Fobana was on for Antoine Griezmann, who had a brilliant performance.

90 min: As things stand, France are going through to the knockout stages, with nothing standing in their way but a win over Australia in their final group game. Denmark From exiting the competition. A draw will do the Aussies … I think.

Target! France 2-1 Denmark (Mbappe 86)

France regained the lead. “That Man Again” klaxon sound! Kylian Mbappe bundles the ball home with his thigh, stealing behind Christensen. He’s scored from all six inches out there, but his movement once he sees Griezmann on the ball is fantastic.

Mbappe scored France’s second goal. Photo: Peter Sibora/Reuters

84 min: Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg curled a shot well wide from distance. Denmark Substitution: Christian Norgaard for Jesper Lindström.

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81 min: Martin Braithwaite darts in with a near-post run to get on the end of a cross in front of Jules Conte, but can’t flick the ball upright. It sweeps paint across its width.

79 min: Adrien Rabiot channels his inner Richarlison and tries to scissor the ball that floats across the right. He makes good contact with the ball but sends it over the bar. Great effort.

Rabiot tries an overhead kick towards goal.
Rabiot tries an overhead kick towards goal. Photo: REX/Shutterstock

77 min: Rabiot finds himself in space by the byline but can’t pick anyone out with his low cross. Corner for France, Antoine Griezmann will take over. The ball goes in, Anderson loses its flight and Tchoumeni dives to head the ball into the gap on the left side of the goal. By sheer fluke, his header hit the back of a completely unaware Joachim Maele and was deflected wide. “How’s your luck?” exclaims Ally McCoist at ITV Go-Coms.

76 min: France Double substitution: Ibrahim Konade and Kingsley Coman for Raphael Varane and Ousmane Dembele.

73 min: Eriksson takes a corner which is only half cleared. A few minutes later, he put the ball at his feet in front of the French penalty area and tried his luck with a shot that was blocked. Denmark Substitution: Kasper Tolberg for Michael Damsgaard.

72 min: Lloris gets down to make an impressive save from Jesper Lindstrom France Hack the ball clear.

71 min: Mbappe tries to take the ball out to the far post with a curling cross, but only succeeds in sending the ball into Schmeichel’s hands.

69 min: Denmark France might have caught a nap on that occasion. They continued to play three corners long but decided to send it to the near post. Anderson flicked it into the crowded penalty area, where Christensen pounced on it with glee.

Target! France 1-1 Denmark (Christensen 68)

Denmark draw! Andreas Christensen scored with a powerful header from a corner after Joachim Andersen got a flick on from Eriksen’s delivery to the near post.

Christensen equalized.
Christensen equalized. Photo: Hannah McKay/Reuters
Christensen celebrates after scoring.
Christensen celebrates after scoring. Photo: Tolga Bozoğlu/EPA

64 min: France Substitution: Marcus Durham on for Olivier Giroud.

63 min: It was a fantastic goal scored at roadrunner pace. Mabbe took the ball, darted inside to the left and played an overlap to Hernandez. Without looking, he pulled the ball in from the byline.

Target! France 1-0 Denmark (Mbappe 61)

France lead! Theo Hernandez and Kylian Mbappe combine, and Andreas Christensen’s ball goes wide on its way past Schmeichel.

Mbappe scored first.
Mbappe scored first. Photo: Stu Forster/Getty Images
Mbappe celebrates with teammates.
Mbappe celebrates with teammates. Photo: Buda Mendes/Getty Images

59 min: Antoine Griezmann gets the better of Victor Nelson to score. His shot is ferocious and he shoots high over the bar.

57 min: Mbappe outmuscled Joachim Andersen and unleashed a shot, moving forward inside-left, despite Olivier Giroud’s best efforts – presumably by accident, but they’re French, so anything is possible – to block his run by running into his racing line. Kasper Schmeichel palmed it over the bar and the next corner came to nothing.

54 min: Braithwaite won from a corner from Theo Hernandez. Christian Eriksen pings the ball towards the far post where it’s clear. The ball is sent straight into the mixer but the flag goes up for offside.

52 min: Denmark Win a corner played long towards the back post. Rasmus Christensen tries to head the ball back in the face of goal, but Hugo Lloris rules it out.

50 min: Mbappe plays the ball in from the left Dougards Dembele. Hit hard, the ball bounces off the winger’s jaw, leaps into the air and out of nowhere, Mbappe tries to flick it past Schmeichel. He doesn’t have enough space to maneuver and the goalkeeper is untroubled.

48 min: Christian Eriksen curls a wonderful ball on the rim France Six-yard box but Martin Braithwaite can’t get anywhere near it.

47 min: Andreas Christensen sweeps the ball towards the touchline with a farmer’s hoof as Mbappe and Rabiot try to link up in a crowded Danish penalty area. Go ahead, Andreas! Start it!

Second half: France 0-0 Denmark

46 min: Play resumes and Denmark have changed. Martin Braithwaite replaces Andreas Cornelius.

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Some first half analysis: “Denmark wear the same colors as Poland in the previous game,” writes Ben Kaibet. “It doesn’t help us, in a twilight winter football game, struggling to keep up on any day, let alone which teams we should be watching now. Surely something needs to be done in these days of third kits, alternate third kits and fourth kits.

Half time: France 0-0 Denmark

peeps! It’s all square in the break where the deadlock has yet to be broken.

45+2 min: At the end of a very entertaining first half we went into the second three minutes from time. France Dominated but still didn’t score, although Olivier Giroud will think he should have taken at least one of the few good chances he had. He is now tied with Thierry Henry on 51 runs, one goal shy of becoming France’s all-time top scorer.

45 min: French fans in the stadium erupted into a rousing rendition of La Marseillaise. Is there any other type of song when it comes to that particular anthem?

45 min: Nelson is receiving treatment, but has been cleared to continue for now.

42 min: Jules Counte was booked for catching Victor Nelson on the ankle when the Frenchman jumped to win back a ball he had lost control of. It’s a bad challenge. Counte hit the Danish defender’s ankle with considerable force.

39 min: Dembele drags Olivier Giroud down the byline in acres of space around the penalty area. At his mercy and only Schmeichel to score, Giroud flicked the ball over the bar.

Giroud hits the target.
Giroud hits the target. Photo: Naushad Dekail/EPA

37 min: Olivier Giroud got past Victor Nelson and struck a cross that was cushioned by Mbappe’s head. He beats the defender in mid-air and sends his effort wide. Kasper Schmeichel complains to the referee that Nelson was fouled by the big French striker. I’m not sure he’s right – Giroud “loved it too much” as they say, and hit the ball too aggressively.

35 min: Jesper Lindström plays Cornelius in behind with a well-weighted ball. The Danish striker perfects his run, takes a few steps and unleashes a shot. Broad, but not overwhelming.

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