Pelosi makes an unannounced trip to meet Zhelensky in Kiev

Pelosi’s office confirmed the trip in a statement on Sunday, and the speaker led an official congressional delegation to Ukraine – the first of its kind in the midst of Russia’s invasion.

Zelensky shared a video of their meeting in Kyiv on Sunday and thanked the United States for its strong support for Ukraine against the Russian occupation.

“We meet with you to thank you for your struggle for freedom. We are on the border of freedom. Your struggle is a struggle for all,” Pelosi told Zhelensky in the clip. “So our commitment must be for you until the struggle is over.”

His visit comes at a time when the United States and its allies are stepping up their long-term support for Ukraine.

Last week, in response to Zhelensky’s request, Group of 40 countries The United States met in Germany and agreed to regulate and expedite the supply of arms to Ukraine. “We have to move at the speed of war,” he said Lloyd AustinMet with the President of Ukraine with the Foreign Secretary in Kiev Anthony Blingen Last week.

The House passed the law on Thursday, known as World War II law of 1941, which allows mortgages to quickly lend arms to Ukraine. The law was originally created to assist forces fighting Hitler, and reflects the urgency in Congress to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

President Joe Biden also addressed Congress a $ 33 billion supplementary finance bill Ukraine needs help in the next few months as Russia’s brutal and relentless war enters a new phase. Biden also outlined a plan to put further pressure on Russian oligarchs in the war in Ukraine, including the use of money from their seized assets to fund Ukraine’s security.

This package is significantly larger than the other packages presented, and more than double the $ 13.6 billion in military and humanitarian aid approved by Congress last month.

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In a meeting with Pelosi, Zhelensky stressed the importance of financial assistance. “The signals that the United States and President Biden are giving today are very important. These are the latest strong steps in security and financial assistance to Ukraine, as well as the Lent-Lease decisions – and we are grateful for that,” Zelensky said.

Pelosi’s visit to Kiev, the second largest in the post – presidency, marks a significant commitment to support for Ukraine from the highest level of the US leadership.

“Representatives of our Congress have the sacred opportunity and extraordinary honor to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky and other high-ranking Ukrainian officials in Kiev.” News release From Pelosi’s office.

“Our delegates expressed their respect and gratitude to President Zhelensky for his leadership and respect for the courage of the Ukrainian people in the struggle against Russian oppression.”

Pelosi was awarded the “Order of Princess Olga” for his “significant personal contribution” to strengthening Ukrainian-American relations. Olga was the first woman to rule a medieval East Slavic state, Kievan Rus. Personality of Female Strength in Ukraine – Order bearing her name is given to women who have achieved significant success in politics and society.

According to Pelosi’s spokesman Drew Hum, he also presented Pelosi with a Ukrainian flag signed by him and female parliamentarians, including those he had recently met at the U.S. Capitol.

Pelosi was joined by several senior members of Congress, including Gregory Meeks of New York, chairman of the foreign affairs committee, and Adam Schiff, of California, chairman of the investigative committee.

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The delegation spent just three hours at the Kiev ground, said Pelosi’s spokesman Drew Hummel. U.S. politicians are now in Poland, where they are scheduled to meet with President Andrzej Duda and other senior officials.

Speaking to reporters in Rzeszow, Poland, on Sunday, Pelosi said his discussions with Zelensky focused on security, humanitarian and economic aid, and ultimately on the reconstruction of Ukraine.

“We are proud to convey to him the message of unity from the US Congress. Message of appreciation from the American people for his leadership and appreciation for their courage to the people of Ukraine,” Pelosi said.

“The United States stands with Ukraine. We stand with Ukraine until it wins. We stand with NATO.”

CNN’s Sarita Harilela and Sophie Jeong in Hong Kong and Daniella Diaz and Mikayla Bouchard in DC contributed to the report.

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