Republicans are trying to reduce the Jan. 6 deadline with inaccurate claims

Just hours before the House committee investigating the Capitol riots opened its public hearings, Republican lawmakers tried to portray the group as illegal. At a press conference, they denounced the formation of the committee, its mission and Speaker Nancy Pelosi with false statements. Here is a fact check.

What was said

“Modified sources, including text messages from our ranking member Jim Jordan.” – Representative Kevin McCarthy, Republican of California, at a news conference Thursday

This is exaggerated. This is a text message from the Select Committee on the January 6 riots. The text is not provided in full, but no words have been changed.

During the meeting, Democratic Party of California representative Adam P. Schiff, Read and presented The unnamed legislator is Mister. Text sent to Meadows: “On January 6, 2021, Vice President Mike Pence, as Speaker of the Senate, will call for all election votes that he believes are unconstitutional because there are no election votes.”

Mr. After Schiff, Mr. He argued that the text message explains why it was “so important” to continue to question Meadows.

A few days later, the Conservative publication The Federalist Reported The text comes from Jim Jordan, a Republican representative in Ohio. Sent to Meadows; The news first came from a lawyer who argued that the vice president had the legal authority to disrupt the vote.

Full text read: “On January 6, 2021, Vice President Mike Pence, as Speaker of the Senate, will call for all unconstitutional ballots because there are no electoral ballots – under the guidance of the founding father, Alexander Hamilton, and under the judicial priority. . Federalist no. In 1978, Alexander Hamilton wrote, “Contrary to constitutional law, it is valid.” Hubbard v. The court in Lowe’s reinforced this fact: ‘The fact that the law against the Constitution is not a law is a motion that is no longer open to debate.’ 226 F. 135, 137 (SDNY 1915), appeal dismissed, 242 US 654 (1916). Following this rationale, a voter appointed unconstitutionally, not a voter, is like a law passed unconstitutionally.

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Spokesman for the group Agreed He cut off the text and apologized for doing so.

What was said

“She is OK. This council is going against 232 years of tradition. You reject what the minority group says. – Mr. McCarthy

Lie. Seven Democrats and two Republicans are sitting on the select committee, which is completely discriminatory. Contrary to McCarthy’s claim. Moreover, the fact that he was a part of the reason for the low turnout of Republicans made Mr. McCarthy avoids. He was also wrong in inciting a two-century tradition of minority input.

The House passed the resolution Creates the selection committee In June 2021, Ms. Pelosi was succeeded by eight members, Mr. McCarthy was given the power to appoint all five members. A few weeks later, Mr. McCarthy Designated Jim Banks, a representative of Indiana, as well as Mr. Jordan, and Illinois representatives Rodney Davis, Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota and Troy Nehls of Texas.

Mr. Mr. Pelosi. Banks and Mr. Rejected Jordan. Arguing Mr. Both supporters of Trump’s outcry may have affected the “integrity of the investigation,” but the other three Republicans agreed. In response, Mr. McCarthy Said Mr. Jordan and Mr. Republicans will not participate until they are allowed to join the Banks Committee.

Mrs. Pelosi was later succeeded by Mr. Appointed two Republicans critical of Trump, Wyoming’s representatives Liz Cheney and Illinois’ Adam Kingsinger.

Moreover, Mr. McCarthy was wrong to say that Ms. Pelosi had broken the two-century tradition by rejecting her two choices. In fact, the Speaker appointed members and committee chairs until 1911, and the Speaker “retained the power” to appoint members to elected committees. According to the guidelines of the Members of Parliament.

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In other words, Joshua C., a senior fellow and expert in congressional practices and history at Georgetown University, argues that the minority party has played no role in the canonical process of most American history. Hooder said. After 1911, it was unusual for a majority party to reject a minority party’s election, but Mr. Hooder said, “I know they have used informal political weight to control who the minorities elect.”

What was said

“Was Speaker Pelosi involved in the decision to delay the assistance of the National Guard on January 6? Serious real questions that this group refuses to even ask. Speaker Pelosi does not want to answer those questions because he knows that the answers to those questions go back to his office, which underscores his indifference and his lack of leadership as Speaker of the House. – Mr. Banks, at the same press conference

This is incorrect. For more than a year, Republican and conservative commentators have blamed Jan. Ms Pelosi has been repeatedly accused of delaying the deployment of National Guards to the capital on the 6th.

No. Proof Mrs. Pelosi’s office rejected the request to use the National Guard or had a share in the delays in approval. The decision is up to the Capitol Police Board, which includes House and Senate sergeants and Capitol’s architect.

A statement Two bipartisan Senate committees investigating the Jan. 6 attacks have been slow to call on the National Guard for “opaque procedures.” It noted that members of the Capitol Police Board were not well aware of the approval process and provided conflicting accounts when assistance was first sought.

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