Tiger Woods supported the PGA Tour and criticized Bill Mickelson’s comments Golf

It was far from a full attack. Nonetheless, Tiger Woods presented indirect criticism of Bill Mickelson, with viewers showing little sympathy for the plight of his old rival, the 15-time Major Champion. Michelson will do I missed the US PGA Championship this weekThis is where he should emerge as the reigning champion as ideas continue to fall on Saudi Arabia and the split tour.

Woods has admitted he has not been in touch with Michelson since leaving the golf course in late February. Woods’ views on firmly defending the current environment of the game of golf are in stark contrast to Michelson’s approach. PGA Tour “Disgusting greed” and said he was trying to “get love” through the Saudis.

“He has his own idea of ​​where the game of golf is going,” Woods of Mickelson said. “My vision is how I see the game of golf. I have supported the tour and my foundation has been running events on the tour for years. I think what a joke. [Nicklaus] And Arnold [Palmer] I did things like start the tour, break away from the PGA in the US and create our tour in 1968 நான் I think it has a legacy. I’m been playing here for two decades and I think there is a legacy to doing that. I still think there are a lot of opportunities in the tour.

“I understand different perspectives, but I believe in traditions. I believe in big championships. I believe in big events, I compare with historical figures from the past. There’s a lot of money here. The tour is growing. But it’s like other sports. It’s like you go there and earn. You have to go there and play.We have the opportunity to go ahead and do it.This is not guaranteed before.

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Michelson is widely believed to have signed a lucrative deal with Saudi-backed LIV Golf Investments are set to hold a $ 25 million event in Hertfordshire next month. It became clear when Woods was asked about Michelson’s absence from the South Hills that he had chosen his words wisely. “It’s always disappointing when the current champion isn’t here,” he said.

“Bill says a few things that I think many of us who are committed to the tour and who are committed to the heritage of the tour have been left behind. He took some personal time, which we all understand. I think there is a lot of disagreement in some of his views on how the tour should be run and directed. But as we all know, as a professional, we miss the fact that he is out here.

Speaking before Woods, Rory McIlroy spoke openly about the importance of the Saudi destabilization plan. “Greg [Norman] Everyone behind it is very determined, “McIlroy said.” I think we need to see how it plays out.

“Guys are going to make decisions. Honestly, this is going to shape the future of professional golf one way or another, so I think we need to see how it moves. McLroy Mickelson’s branded US PGA No-show “unfortunate” and “sad”. The two-time PGA champion added: “It should be a celebration, right?”

Woods and McIlroy will take on each other in rounds one and two at Tulsa, which says top PGAs in the United States are trying to summarize the golf story. Jordan Speed, the Major needed to complete the Career Grand Slam, forms the trio.

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Woods insists he is in better physical condition than the Masters, which marked his first competitive appearance since being involved in a serious car accident last February. “I feel like I can [win it]”Definitely,” he said when asked if success was possible. “I have to go there and do it. I have to do my job. Starting on Thursday, I’m ready.

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