Which is the most played sport in Australia?

Australia is regarded as one of the most developed areas in the world, and you would like to be very well aware of the sports played the most in this region. For example, swimming is one of the most popular sports in Australia, and 3 million people of the Australian population are involved in this.

It is a recreation activity and sport; which requires your whole body to be involved. In addition, it requires the coordinated action of your arms and legs; therefore, natural flotation of the body also comes into force. The sport’s history has been fantastic in Australia, and it has become a significant sport played by many people from the Australian region.

The history

Swimming originated back in 2500 BCE in the region of Egypt, and basically, it was from the Roman and Greek civilisations. In Greece and Rome, it was a part of medical training and involved only in elementary education for males.

Females were not very involved in the swimming activities, but later on, as other regions of the world started to recognise it, they also started to include women. As a result, Japan became another significant participant in the Nations race allowing swimming.

In the first century BCE, Japan became a central region where the sport was played. In the 17th century, swimming was Made compulsory in a few schools in Japan. By 19 century, Japan was utterly open to the western world and allowed many people to swim and participate in competitions.

However, this sport was later on extended to the Australian region and became popular in this part. The United States considered swimming a sport and recreational activity in 1888.

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Competitive swimming

During the initial stages of the origin of swimming, it was only regarded as a recreational activity. However, as soon as the 1896 Olympic games were held, the inception of competitive swimming was on the verge. Nevertheless, this sport originated only for men back in 1896.

However, before FINA was formed, the game was also included in a few unusual events. For example, during the 1900s, the game was also held as a competitive sport in France in a 200 m obstacle race.

According to the FIFA rules and regulations, Olympic and other world competitions are advised to involve the sport in the competition. There are different types of strategies and techniques which are used in the seeming competition, like backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke.

After dominating the Olympic and other world competitions, swimming began to spread in other areas like Denmark, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Canada and the United States.

Swimming in Australia

Even though swimming is highly popular in many regions of the world, Australia has become an important one among them. Because of the vast availability of water bodies in the Australian region, people are highly interested in them.

Due to the widespread popularity and interest in this sport, over 3.1 million people are regularly involved in swimming activities in Australia. So, it has the potential to become significantly crucial in the Australian region, and special attention must be paid to the details about the same.

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The first-ever national competition of swimming in Australia was held in 1894. It was a major international swimming competition in the 1896 summer Olympics. Many people who participated in this competition had the calibre of becoming a professional swimming champion. Later, it was not regarded as a primary sport in Australia, but people were still involved in the activities.

Benefits of Swimming

Various conceptions have been made about swimming, and most people regard it as only a part-time activity. However, the Australian population has proved that swimming is one of the essential support all across the world, and people are actively taking part in it.

It delivers many benefits to the people, and you can also become one among them if you know about its advantages. Some of the most prominent advantages you can get by swimming regularly and participating in the swimming sport are as follows.

  1. Swimming is a sport that will provide you with relaxation from your daily stress, and it is a form of exercise as you have to bring your whole body into exercise.
  2. It improves the coordination between the different parts of the body. For example, your hands and legs are supposed to move at the same time, and therefore, it can help you to improve your coordination.
  3. Flexibility is highly improved with the help of swimming, so participating in the swimming competition can be beneficial.
  4. Low impact therapy can help you relieve injuries and other conditions, and you can get it by swimming. Read more.