Rafael Nadal defeats Novak Djokovic in the quarterfinals of the classic Roland Cros | ATP Tour

Rafael Nadal Won the 59th installment of his famous match against Novak DjokovicProgressing to Roland Kross The set started 6-2, 4-6, 6-2, 7-6 (4) on Tuesday night and ended just after 1am on Wednesday in Paris.

The Spaniard advanced to a draw before a set and a double break, but reasserted himself in the third set dominated by Nadal. The world No. 1 just started strong in fourth place, but Nadal refused his attempt to add to the set and won on a side tie-break.

Nadal is taking some revenge after a semi-final defeat a year ago Roland Kross – The most recent meeting between the couple. By ending Djokovic’s title defense, Nadal moved into two wins that extended his 14th record. Roland Kross Title and 22nd Great Crown. Had Djokovic advanced, he would have had the golden opportunity to win his 21st Grand Slam title and join Natale.

Nadal is now guaranteed to continue as leader Pepperstone ATP Race to Turin After Paris, he projected himself to take the No. 1 spot in the world at the end of the year. The victory also elevated the left-handed player in front. Stephanos Chitsibas For number 4 in Pepperstone ATP Live Ranking.

“He showed why he is a great champion,” Djokovic told a post-match press conference. “He was mentally hard there and finished the match the way he did. Congratulations to him and his team. There is no doubt that he deserves it.”

Nadal advanced 29-30, breaking service seven times in 17 innings, including two in the first three sets of the ATP Head 2 Series. He saved 8 of the 12 break points he faced.

The Spanish player has now won for more than four hours in a row. After the defeat Felix Agar-aliasimus On Sunday, four hours and 20 minutes later, he passed Djokovic in four hours and 11 minutes. Nadal entered the match under suspicion due to a long leg injury and has played in two clay matches before. Roland Kross After a six-week layoff due to a rib fracture. But he was as fit as ever as he advanced 15-1 Roland Kross Quarter final.

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Nadal is confronted after a two-day break Alexander Sverrev Knocked out third-placed Germany in the semifinals Carlos Alcaras Earlier Tuesday.

Djokovic advanced to the quarterfinals after winning 22 straight sets and nine matches during the ATP Masters 1000 victory in Rome. He was also in the 11th winning series Roland KrossMatched his long run in Paris (2016-17).

Nadal and Djokovic are familiar enemies – especially Roland KrossNadal now has an 8-2 head-to-head edge – their quarter-final is also a historic highlight: this is the first time in the Open era that a men’s match has featured two men with at least 20 Grand Prix. Slam wins, 1,000 match wins or 300 Grand Slam match wins.

The first set

Both Nadal and Djokovic put in an excellent performance in their opening set Roland Kross Quarter final, but Nadal hit the first blow to win 6-2. While the scoreline was one-sided, most rallies dragged issues back and forth, with both basically fighting for supremacy in a more octane chess match.

The Spaniard broke the serve in the opening 10 minutes of the match and took the opening attempt, then saved a pair of break points and drew 3-1. Djokovic used several drop shots for a different victory, while Nadal hit the net nine times and scored four points.

Nadal was sharp from the first ball and finished with a 12-6 winner-to-be number of errors, while Djokovic hit eight wins and nine errors to become minus-1.

The second set

Djokovic struggled from the double break, winning six of the last seven games 6-4 in a thrilling set.

Like the opening set, Nadal started both sets with a crucial service break in the Titanic opening game. After Djokovic survived more than 13 minutes, Nadal took the seventh break point of the game and captured the wrestling. Djokovic has no game point.

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Natalie’s forehand was better than its non-standard whip, and Djokovic began to put pressure on her as she lost contact with the Spanish player. When Nadal beat a winner after chasing another trap shot, the Serbian saw a double break to make it 3-0.

But Djokovic stepped up the aggression and trailed 3-3, and for the first time in the game he began to command Nadal’s mistakes from his own forehand wing. He won his fifth break point, then drew level, then went 4-3 in four deuce. Those two crucial games lasted almost 29 minutes following a 3-2 change.

At Natal 4-5, Djokovic dialed with deep returns, breaking for the third time in four return games and equalizing two hours and 18 minutes later. The second set only lasted one hour and 28 minutes.

The opening two sets represent the start of their 2021 semifinals, when Djokovic responded in 6-3 seconds with Nadal 6-3. It set the stage for an all-time classic third set, which Djokovic beat at the tie-break. The Serbian’s four-set comeback in the tournament for the first time since 2014 was won again by the player who lost the first set.

The third set

Three sets for Natal, three instant breaks. For the second straight set, he took advantage of a double break early in the base game. This time, he closed without any problems, it was more than enough, he finished the set after midnight.

The 6-2 set gave the Spaniard a two-set lead and eliminated any thoughts of lingering fatigue following his five-set victory. Felix Agar-aliasimus On Sunday. After Nadal struggled 3-1 from a break point, he took his second break – his sixth game – and did not give Djokovic a chance to tighten the score.

The Serbian, after hitting such consistency in his second set comeback, made 16 unforced errors to seven winners in the set. Nadal, who had a positive ratio in all three sets, hit eight of three wins and six errors.

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Fourth set

The pair won the 19th tie-break in which they competed, and Nadal improved his record to 10-9 in the tie-break sets against the Serbian.

The Spaniard surrendered an early break in the set and trailed 3-5 as Djokovic advanced to serve the set. But as no break point was formed in that set, the Spanish player made his breakthrough. The second break of the game took nine minutes for Nadal to convert, to stay alive in the set.

Djokovic saved 14 of 17 break points in the match, but only faced 17 against Nadal and saved 10. The Spaniard saved 8 of the 12 break points he faced at the end of the quarter.

With inspiration firmly on his side, Nadal took a 6-1 lead at the tie-break, eventually finishing it in his fourth match point.

Djokovic briefly blocked the waves early in the set to stop a trademark Chatterjee charge from Natale, but could not prevent the final wave of his opponent’s ingenuity. In stark contrast to the previous three sets, the Serbian player started fast for fourth. For the first time in the tournament, he played his opening service game. In the early stages of the set Djokovic was able to pull Nadal to the point of scoring as usual, and he used an early break point on his way to a 3-0 lead.

While Nadal stayed in the rallies with dazzling squash shots, Djokovic caught his nerve and pushed his lead to 5-2. But once Nadal withdrew from the break, he was ordered out at the end of the match to emerge as a deserving winner.

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